Stop cutting off your learning curve

Summer solstice came and went yesterday and so I am celebrating the longest day of the year today instead!

My brother got here and I took most of the day off to welcome him and his fiance to the city.

Funny story, you actually might know her because his fiance is also my friend Taryn who has taught a Masterclass on LinkedIn profile optimization inside my membership in the past!

She has her own consulting business and over lunch we were chatting about how hindsight is always 20/20 and how if we were starting again from scratch how we would do some things differently.

Something I wish I had done differently early on is create a beginners offer. 

I have so many of you who submit your emails to me when you sign up for my emails and you select that you are a beginner on Instagram.

I tend to forget sometimes that just because I’ve been doing social media for nearly a decade, not everyone is at my level.

I need to slow down sometimes and go back to basics. 

I started working with a life coach Vanessa Santos last week (funnily enough, she’s another guest expert Masterclass you’ll find in my Social Department) and I wrote something down which was so simple but opened my eyes and I think you’ll like it too. 

She said:

“Stop cutting off your learning curve”.

Something about that was just so powerful to me. I always expect things to go really well from the get go. 

I have always wanted to be as successful as I see others in a place I want to be.

I don’t give myself time to learn from my process – and I say process because process is not always mistakes. 

It’s all an integral part of the learning process.

I hope that gives you some food for thought as we start what is sure to be a gorgeous (and hot) summer. 

Oh and before I sign off I have a few Instagram updates I thought I’d mention too:

TikTok has a tap and hold to fast forward video. Just tap and hold your finger down anywhere on a video to speed up video by 2x. Release your finger to resume video at normal speed.
Instagram will now let you download your Reels from public pages (you can also turn this off).

Broadcast Channels are being rolled out Globally! Use these to start challenges, share personal notes behind the scenes and to poll your audience. Keep in mind people cannot reply.