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Bespoke Instagram strategies for ambitious women. I teach women how to grow organically on Instagram with intentional, strategic content—and have fun doing it.

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The secret to success on Instagram is…that there is no secret

What you really need is a strategy.

The women I work with get results on Instagram by showing up consistently as themselves and creating meaningful content that’s laser-focused on what their audience needs.

To get there, we co-create a doable strategy that aims to make their most daring goals a reality. Then we translate that into content that will resonate and is a joy to create.

In other words: you won’t get any cookie-cutter content plans, unsustainable shortcuts, or questionable growth hacks from me.

Instead, I’m going to give you the tools to be intentional on Instagram, as well as the confidence to do and try new things that will challenge you—and help your business take off. It’s all possible for you with me as your Instagram coach. 

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With me as your Instagram strategist, I'll design a bespoke content strategy that makes you feel confident in everything you create, while increasing your visibility and helping your offers sell like never before.

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The Social Department

My monthly membership for anyone who wants a steady stream of trending Instagram & TikTok audio, content ideas, and a place to create content and get real time feedback, so that your content calendar practically fills itself.

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A short, self-paced course to learn all about how to create Instagram Reels—including advice on how to develop a sustainable Reels strategy for your niche.

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My friends call me Kar. Croissant aficionado, Latina entrepreneur, mom of two, and teacher of all things Instagram

For 7+ years, I worked as a social media strategist—including creating successful campaigns for Apple, the United Nations, Michael Kors, and Google, among others. 

But in spring 2020, the company that had just hired me for social strategy went under, thanks to COVID. At the time, I was nine months pregnant, and so I made a decision: I was going to build something for myself.

In under 10 months, I grew my Instagram account from 0 to 45,000—and built a 6+ figure business teaching IG strategy along the way. More than 350 entrepreneurs have worked with me to co-create a sustainable content plan tailored to their business.

Create a Powerful IG Profile

It’s 2023, and Instagram is now its own mini search engine. This checklist helps you optimize your bio in three minutes flat—so your ideal clients will find and FOLLOW you.

Kind Words

I would recommend Kar to anyone. She’s raw, honest, real and a master at her craft. I have personally worked with her 1:1 and was so impressed, I asked her to come speak inside my membership group for spiritual entrepreneurs.

After Kar’s guest appearance in our group, some of our members took her advice and immediately had their videos go viral. Kar is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to create an excellent experience. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her one on one or have her speak in your group, I would jump on the chance.

Marli Ansel

Multi 6 Figure Energetics Business Mentor

You helped me find my niche. Once I applied how to use Reels with my niche and stayed with it I started getting

My biggest win was actually having an organization reach out to me to be a paid sponsor! As in, I’m
getting paid to do what I enjoy. They found me on IG through Reels.

Anea Rasch

Miss Rhode Island USA

“Kar was hands-down the most creative and entrepreneurial person I worked with while I was at WFP USA. WFP has superb talent across the globe, but Kar stood out because of her savvy content marketing, digital media, and high-touch project management skills. She was often working with colleagues — and partners — in multiple time zones with competing points of view, and did so with the kind of finesse and aplomb that one can’t teach; you either have it, or you don’t. Kar has it in spades.”

Erin Cochran


“She’s a fantastic operator and really moved the needle on multiple dimensions, helping source and execute a partnership with Google… She’s a great project manager, can roll her sleeves up and get down to brass tacks while still thinking big picture. Our campaign wouldn’t have been the same without her, and I think she’ll be a great asset to the teams she’ll work with.”

Nishkaam Mehta

Head of Mobile at Hulu

“Kar’s help has fundamentally changed the way I interact and create on Instagram in the best way! I feel more connected to my purpose, message, and clients, and I’m seeing the kind of growth I want because of it. Kar really knows what works and is able to apply that knowledge to every niche with helpful ideas for hugs, using trends, and sharing content that really creates connection. My community of real and authentic connections has grown by 67% over the past five months, which has led to an 80% increase in revenue and profit for my business. The best part is how I feel now spending time on social media. I highly recommend learning from Kar’s content and utilizing her one-to-one services, And of course if you want to grow the right way on Instagram. “

Dayna Young

Skincare Expert

“Working with Kar has helped me to not only understand social media and how to grow organically unintentionally but it’s helped me to feel confident in being creative in producing my own reels. She patiently explained what works and why, in a way that doesn’t feel intimidating or overwhelming. Kar is the best at what she does, and now I’m more willing to try new things, while still focusing on serving and adding value to my audience!”

Dr. Krystal Conner

Life Coach

I feel empowered to do and try new things on video, I am sharing personal information I usually withheld because it made me feel too vulnerable (I understand now that this is part of social media-people want to know more about who they re dealing with), and I just feel more confident overall of actually having direction in my Instagram strategy, because I am intentional about creating posts and captions. Having you repeat that we NEED to repeat info so people remember, even if we think we ve said it already a million times, was a super important piece of advice and one I’ve started to implement talking about my offerings on a more consistent basis.

Edna Cochez

Top Chef Panama

“My one reel is at 300k views and now about 6 more are taking off too SO crazy!! And 18K followers! I’ve grown about 2,000 followers in a week UNREAL”


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