How to get more people to click on your posts

Yesterday I told you that I would share some low hanging fruit that you can go implement right now to make it easier for more people to click on you when you’re showing up in their home feed.

Let’s get right into it!

If you’re using text, ensure the text on your carousel or your Reels cover is large enough to stand out. Take a look at all the posts that you see in the Explore feed. You should see a pattern of the posts that catch your eye: most have large white text and bright colors.

Reels: If you are creating a Reel along the lines of a “day in the life” style, I want you to trim your clips to be shorter than you think they should be. For each clip aim to have each one last around 0.7 seconds to about 2 seconds. I know that sounds short but trust me! 

If you’re writing a hook for a Reels cover, start looking at it more objectively. What I mean by that is would you click on this? Is it something I can easily Google? Is there a better way to say it so that it creates intrigue?

For example instead of using this on your post: “5 ways to get more exercise” try these….

5 things you’re overlooking if you want to get fit (intrigue)

5 unexpected ways to get more exercise (intrigue)

The 5 movements that got my closer to my weight goals (pain point)

A lot of the time the things that are right in front of us are the hardest to see. 

That applies to Instagram.

That’s why in every call with my Social Department members, we go through their individual questions and posts one by one.

In our weekly call they typically go like this: 

Everyone joins the video call at 12pm ET every single Tuesday.

If you’d like to get coached, you’ll write COACHING in the chat to get added in the order in which you write it (some members just come to learn from the others questions and leave very satisfied!)

Because our calls are weekly, the groups tend to vary in size from anywhere between 4 to 16 people.

That means that in a normal call, almost every single person who comes gets to ask anywhere between one to 4 questions. 

But it’s not just questions I’m answering either!

We discuss mindset blocks you might be having, I audit content, and I show you examples of content that is working on the ground right now.

You’ll leave motivated and with a clear action plan forward to see results with Instagram.

And members of the Social Department aren’t just growing their followers. 

They’re increasing their reach and getting more story views. 

All things that I know we can do for you too. 

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