CTRL + Refresh Insta is a workshop for coaches, service businesses, educators, speakers, and digital product owners who want to learn a proven method to grow your following, get at least 3 ideal clients DM-ing you a week and make multiple sales from Instagram. 

Inside of this workshop, we’ll cover: 

You can refresh your Instagram strategy in just 2 hours, not 2 months inside of this workshop

"I immediately started posting Reels using your advice and my followers grew 6x in 48hrs and I had over 150K plays of one of my Reels!"
Gregor Jeffrey
Keynote Speaker
$450 from one Reel! Just got 3 sales from one of my reels this week (and was able to directly track it which is awesome) - a new record for me and so exciting!
Blythe N
Dog Trainer


You’re struggling to grow your Instagram and email list with inconsistent posting and little to no comments on your posts

You’re spending too much time guessing what to post and want to post content that brings in sales using a proven, repeatable format you can reference anytime

You’re running out of creative ways to get the likes, shares and saves you know you need to get people in your DMs every week to make sales

You want to attract your ideal clients and get them to follow you and into your funnel but you haven’t had much success yet or haven’t started

You want to make a sale in your DMs without could outreach, without engaging with people on the explore page and without spending “15 mins engaging before and after you post”

"The HOP Method is 🔥. The workshop changed my whole POV on how I approach my content. Thank you for ditching overwhelm ... 10/10 recommend"
Lauren Degolia
Wealth Coach
"I went a little bit viral 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 my most views ever and over 700 likes and about 100 followers!"
Sara Joy
Clothing Designer

CTRL + Refresh Instagram


So why learn from me?

I’m not new to this. I’ve been doing this for close to a decade.

The first year I started taking Instagram seriously (out of complete desperation at the start of the pandemic) with a newborn and freshly laid off, I made over $100k.

I’m also an official Instagram Ambassador hand picked by Instagram as part of the Creator Class of 2023.

Stop wasting your money and time on the wrong workshops that promise virality, skyrocketing BS. 

Content creation is changing. People’s attention spans are different, they are buying differently and engaging with content on social differently.

Let’s make sure that you’re right there with them.


How is this workshop different from all the other instagram workshops out there?

Using my HOP Method you can decide how often you want to post and still see results. No need to post every day. You should be ready to commit to posting 3 times per week.  

You’ll learn how to create Reels that are less than 30 seconds that result in DMs and Sales. This is not a workshop that requires you to create long-form Reels (Reels over 45 seconds). 

This is all based off of my own methods, nothing here is from Google or from the Gurus. You haven’t seen this before.

There is no requirement for you to engage in outbound DMs or messages. My workshop will show you how to be as passive as possible and still see results for your business. 

After this workshop you'll be ahead of peers who are still stuck in outdated methods for growth and sales on Instagram.

here's how we're going to do it inside:

You’re going to learn how to create Carousels the new way that actually get people clicking through and reading what you have to say

You’re going to learn how to create and posts stories that people watch and take action on (and what they should look like)

You’re going to learn how to talk about your offer and sell in a way that feels really good to you, it won’t feel gross and you will learn the mindset tricks I use to make 5 figures every single month

You’re going to learn how to use audio to your advantage and nope – you don’t need trending audio anymore!

"Soft selling in the stories has been working for me, I've been selling a few of my low ticket offers with almost every post I make"
Music Teacher
"This works! And my reach is GOOD -- started this new account and have less than 100 followers but my latest Reel has over 1,000 views"
Aliza F
PR Consultant

FAQs 👇🏽

This is a pre-recorded workshop. As soon as you buy you’ll get an email with a link to join Circle, the platform where the workshop is hosted.

You will be asked to create an account for FREE (with the same email you used for purchasing). 

Once you’re inside you will be able to access your workshop for 30 days inside Circle only (keep in mind it is NOT a downloadable file).

This workshop is recorded and you’ll get access to it right away for 30 days

This is a recorded workshop. I don’t run workshops inside of SD. SD is an ongoing coaching program.

In CTRL+Refresh, I focus just on strategy for 2024, and how to plan with a content calendar. There will be no 1-1 coaching like there is in the Social Department. 

No, this workshop does not cover closing in the DMS. I teach you the steps that you need to get people to go to your sales page. If you want help closing in the DMs you can upgrade and get a 30 minute 1-1 strategy call with me or join my group program, The Social Department.

"I just finished your CTRL + refresh workshop and I just want to say thank you! I was blown away, the value exceeded the cost. 🤍🤍 thank you again for the value driven webinar that was delivered with such authenticity. Thank you."
Jessica B.

Learn my HOP method to grow your following, get at least 3 ideal clients DM-ing you a week and make multiple sales from Instagram. .

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