Grow your following and add hundreds to thousands of dollars to your monthly income IN YOUR FIRST 90 DAYS OR LESS

The Social Department is an Instagram Marketing program for Coaches and Service Providers that teaches you how to grow your following and make sales like an entrepreneur – not an influencer by creating systems, refining your messaging and getting personalized coaching when you need it. 

You might think you're the only one who

→ Can’t seem to convert your followers into customers and clients

→ Has inconsistent, very few, or no sales at all coming from Instagram 

→ Can’t grow your following no matter what type of content you post

→ Has little to no likes, comments or DMs and feel disappointed week over week

→ Doesn’t want to create videos that don’t feel like you just for laughs and views

→ Is not the “type of person” who could have a profitable business on Instagram 

I went from 0 to over 35,000 followers and hit over 6 figures in revenue in under ten months my first year...

→ Even though I was brand new to the online coaching world

→ Even in a saturated market

→ Even though I was nervous to talk to camera and wasn’t very confident

→ Without just posting Reels or only doing trends

→ Without a team 

  Without ads, buying followers or posting like an influencer


How SD helps you do it:

Stage 1: Insta Essentials & Optimizing Instagram for Business

→ Think of this as getting completely up to speed to Instagram 

→ Understand the algorithms on Instagram, SEO, account management, profile refinement and clear branding and content themes we recommend

→ Learn how Mindset impacts your account 

→ Importance of email lists and how to get people to sign up so that Instagram and Email are a seamless duo

Stage 2: Create


→ Segmenting your audience

→ Planning engaging content and storytelling through Instagram

→ Crafting compelling Hooks and utilizing different content types for different goals 

→ Writing perfect captions for Instagram and writing emails with AI

Stage 3: Grow


→ Learn my advanced engagement techniques to boost post interactions

Techniques for interacting with followers to build a loyal community and outbound engagement

→ Automating your growth 

→ Analytics for growth

Stage 4: Sell


→ Learn how to sell every single day on every single post 

→ Sales Calendar examples for your offers and email newsletter 

→ 4+1 Sales Campaign for stress-free launches that convert

→ Selling in stories, DMs and Email

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SD is a milestone based curriculum. You will complete specific modules that will help you grow your following and make more sales. 

Inside you’ll find context-based trainings as well as real life scenarios that you’re going through that show you how to get a result (and why you should do it this way).

Every training will give you a real scenario that you are going through and show you how to get a result (and why you should do it this way). 

The Social Department is an Instagram Marketing program for Coaches and Service Providers  who want to grow their following and make sales so that they can build their legacy and profitability.  

Inside SD, you’ll learn how to grow your following and make sales like an entrepreneur, not an influencer. You’ll do this by applying my frameworks, refining your messaging and getting personalized coaching and content reviews exactly when you need it.

How you'll do it with SD

CLARITY Messaging

Cement your messaging for your main offer so that you can speak about it easily, create content around it and attract the right people and make more sales. With this foundation in place, you’ll be able to consistently create content that showcases your expertise, builds trust with your audience, and ultimately drives more sales for your business.

The HOP Method

We teach you The HOP Method for developing winning Instagram posts every time. Create narratives that resonate, engage and converts your audience. By implementing the HOP method you can expect to increase clients DMing you and make multiple sales on Instagram

1hr to POWERFUL content

Originally developed by Kar for Social Media Agencies and major industry players, we teach you how to plan all your Instagram content for the month in 1 hour. You’ll have no problem coming up with countless ideas that serve to attract, nurture, convert and retain your audience.

The 4+1 Launch

This powerful training equips you with a comprehensive launch calendar that will serve you again and again, guiding you on exactly what to post, when and where for maximum sales. We cover everything from building your waitlist to what to post in Stories, Feed and Emails to have your high converting launch. 

And that’s just some of what’s inside. 

I’ve helped over 150 coaches and service providers grow an engaged following, unlock sales with small audiences and create sustainable content strategies inside of SD – all without posting like an influencer. 


"Instagram is definitely more active than I've ever had. Looking at the growth over the past 12 weeks actually I can see it's quite a lot. My sales have increased since the launch though!" Rebecca made over $31,000 from just one launch while inside SD.
Pilates Instructor
"She's helped me re-think my offers and strategy. I've never seen so many new followers before. I went from no sales to making over $5,000".
Baby Sleep Consultant & PHD
"I made $7.5k in one weekend. You gave me so much clarity. I feel like I can talk about my business so much more confidently now."
Social Media & Business Coach
"Soft selling in the stories has been working for me, I've been selling a few of my low ticket offers with almost every post I make"
James D.
Music Teacher
"$450 from one Reel! Just got 3 sales from one of my reels this week (and was able to directly track it which is awesome) - a new record for me and so exciting!"
Service Dog and Dog Trainer

You can grow your following and make sales with Instagram marketing that prioritizes authenticity and profitability.

What's included in this program:

Anytime Access Portal 

Full of structured trainings on optimizing Instagram for business, CLARITY Messaging, planning engaging content, writing compelling hooks, boosting post interactions, community engagement, systems, automating growth, how to sell every day for coaches and service providers

Live Weekly Coaching Calls

Every Tuesday at 10am CST, come an get any coaching you need unique to your business and offer. Discuss all of your mindset and strategy questions for creating content, growing your following and making sales on Instagram.

Content & Sales Page Reviews

We will review your sales pages, emails, and social media content for conversion and growth and give it back to you in 48HRS or less. 

Daily Coaching Support Channel

Submit any coaching question on your strategy or mindset in between calls and get a written or a video response from a coach in 48HRS or less

Monthly Co-working Sprints

Every month we’ll invite you to a 3 hour Co-working Sprint to batch your posts and work on your emails and sales pages with a coach by your side if you get stuck. Get it done. 

1HR to POWERFUL Content

Kar’s content planning system, now available to you, empowers you to plan an entire month’s worth of compelling Instagram content in just one hour. Say goodbye to the struggle of generating fresh ideas and hello to an endless stream of posts that effortlessly attract, engage, convert, and keep your audience coming back for more.


The 4+1 Launch

This powerful training equips you with a comprehensive launch calendar that will serve you again and again, guiding you on exactly what to post, when and where for maximum sales. 


CLARITY Messaging

Cement your messaging for your main offer so that you can speak about it easily, create content around it and attract the right people and make more sales.



Rewards Program

Reward program with additional coaching calls when you hit sales milestones like your first $2,500


Everything above for 12 months, including the weekly coaching calls and content review channel.

GROW YOUR FOLLOWING BY 20% or more in your first 90 days or less

Parenting coach

65 % growth

Brenda Valenti

27 % growth


237 % growth

Registered Dietician

275 % growth


20 % growth


41 % growth

Yoga Studio

47% growth


43 % growth

chef and baker

113% growth


439 % growth

"I literally doubled my following in a little under two months."

-Camille M, Registered Dietician

The investment

Pay in Full

$ $2,500
  • One payment

Payment Plan

$ 500
  • 5 monthly payments

You do not have to post like an influencer to gain followers that care about you and make consistent sales

I have made $8-9K in sales consistently each month and with way less effort. I am able to be present for my kids, I do less than 5 hours a week in client calls and my business is growing. It took me around 45 days before I started seeing high, consistent growth! I love this program and will continue to be in it and any program you create!
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
I grew my account to over 27,000 followers and have turned my hobby into a 5 figure business! If you're thinking about working with Kar, I would say look no further. Click that button. She's totally worth your time & money. She helped me turn my hobby into a business, something that as a mom of 2 toddlers didn't think it was something that I could handle "
Pageant Coach

I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from Instagram sales alone.

My journey to becoming an Instagram expert wasn’t exactly a smooth ride… 

In March 2020, I was 9 months pregnant, had just landed my dream job at a startup in NYC after being bullied at my previous workplace, and then… Covid hit. I found myself laid off just two weeks before giving birth, forcing me to reevaluate my life and career. 

Determined to turn my passion into a thriving business, I launched my Instagram page, experimenting with Reels – all thanks to my 13-year-old cousin who taught me how to edit my first Reel! Ihit a 6 figure business within 10 months and even created a course that went on to make me over $100,000. 

I did this all without ads and then in 2023, Instagram asked me to be an official Instagram Ambassador as part of the Instagram Creator Class.

As seen in

You don’t need an expensive social media manager to make money with Instagram.


The live group coaching calls take place every week on Tuesdays.

Calls are at 10am Mexico City time (CST). 

Replays are always posted the same day complete with time stamps, action items and key questions so you can choose where to watch.

Let’s reframe this: You really want to sign up to further your training so you sign up immediately because you know that you can trust yourself to do the work and get results. 

I do not offer refunds or guarantees. Everything that you see has been taken from real client results and data. 

We’ve had members never attend a live call and still see results. Replays are posted same-day and include detailed time stamps, action items and key questions asked so you can get what you need and move on.

Remember, you’ll have access to the Content Review channel to get actionable feedback on any of your assets (your offers, sales pages, emails, Reels, carousels, copy, captions etc).

Unfortunately, if your business is not in English or Spanish this program is not the right fit.

All material and coaching is in English.

If you have any doubts please email me directly at


The beauty of SD is that everything we teach can be applied to all types of content. So no, you don’t have to post Reels if you don’t want to (but we do recommend it as part of your overall content strategy). 

Here are just a few things you’ll notice after you make the decision to join:

→ You’ll create time and energy for other things outside of Instagram

→ You’ll free up mental space and stop worrying about an app and instead open up space for things that matter to you

→ Feel secure

→ You’ll have more options that get created as a result of your Instagram presence

You can still grow organically on instagram without posting like an influencer

Grow your following and add hundreds to thousands of dollars to your monthly income in your first 90 days or less.

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