How to find “your thing” and be more memorable on Instagram

Today in my office hours a member who is a style influencer asked me what she could do to create a signature “thing” that would help make her stand out amongst the sea of influencers.

I shared 5 unique angles for her as well as  things that everyone should do – regardless of their niche – to start coming up with their unique angle. 

The first tip I gave her which I’m happy to share here with you is to begin at your website.

Website? Why? 

You may not realize it, but your website is literally a gold mine for you to go and find things about yourself, or your brand that you forgot about or rarely talk about. 

But you wrote them for a reason!

We spend so much time crafting the perfect copy for our sites only to never use it again. 

And that’s such a waste! 

So here what I want you to do today:

Head to your about me section on your website first. 

Next, click through your site as if you were landing here for the first time.

Notice what sticks out to you, and what you wrote in those few short sentences to really get your message across. 

I know that you’ll find some fun facts, unique elements of your story, an interesting opinion or a past career that will definitely help you stand out. 

If you’re stuck – just reply to this email and I’ll guide you to the right place! 

And if you’d rather hear my entire process for how we helped Paulina find 5 different angles today – and get your own personalized feedback you can catch the replay as soon as you join The Social Department. 

I’ve been giving members individual feedback for their content, post by post helping them not just refine their messaging, but also giving them the low hanging fruit that they can go and implement right away.

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