The Social Department

Feel confident creating content for your business–with real strategies that work and without the stress. 

I see you.

Scrolling through your Explore page (again), wondering if there’s some way you can make that latest trend work for your business.

Downloading freebies that promise Insta-growth, but don’t actually show how to achieve it.

Spending hours filming, editing, and posting a single Reel…and then not following it up for another three weeks.

If there’s one thing I need you to know, it’s that you cannot rely on trends alone.

Like lots of good-for-you things, content creation isn’t always easy.

You run a business, which means your to-do list isn’t exactly short.

So by the time you get to that item marked ‘content creation,’ it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of coming up with a new idea, let alone recording, editing, and posting.

“I don’t have it in me today,” you think to yourself…even though you know that Instagram marketing is key to all those goals you jotted down at the start of the quarter.

I'm Kar!

(aka your go-to source for sustainable IG strategies)

The time: January 2021

The place: Brooklyn, NY

I’d lost my job as Head of Social and Partnerships at a start-up just two weeks before my due date. Once the newborn days were behind me, I was ready for something new. 

Before moving to NYC, I had worked as a social media strategist for the UN World Food Programme. (And before that, I was a tax accountant, but that’s another story.) I worked with brands like Apple, Google and Michael Kors developing viral feel-good social media campaigns.

In early 2020, I opened up an Instagram account and started teaching everything I’d learned about marketing through social media. Within a year, I’d gone from 0 followers to 45K and  launched a six-plus figure social consulting business…and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m completely serious when I say that Instagram changed my life.

Now I want it to change yours, too.

What They’re Saying

✺ Introducing ✺

The Social Department

The Social Department is my monthly membership for business owners who want to grow and sell on social—without it becoming a full-time job.

It puts you in the pilot’s seat of your content creation journey with me right beside you.

Every month you’ll get access to me during our live training sessions where I teach you sustainable strategies (you help pick the topics!) There’s also bonus 60 minute office hours every other month with guest experts (YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, branding, copywriting, SEO and more!)

PLUS every Monday, you’ll receive trending audio for Instagram & TikTok curated by me, so that you can slot them right into your content calendar (don’t worry, I’ll give you a template for that, too). 

By lunchtime, you’ll already have a content plan for the whole week.

Upgrade Your Experience

Want even more resources to make content creation a breeze? 

First Class of The Social Department is for you if you want even more than audio.

You’ll have a place to create content, get access to live coaching, and insight from experts on marketing, branding, and more.

Each month, in addition to everything in Economy Class, you’ll receive:

    • Monthly 60 minute office hours to cover Instagram strategy & Q&A with Kar
    • Bonus 60 minute office hours with guest experts (YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, branding, copywriting, SEO and more!)
    • Trending audio for TikTok & Instagram for your niche each week
    • 1 transition or product video tutorial each month

When you post authentic content using the tools I give you in The Social Department, you’ll:

    • Learn how to amplify your presence on Instagram and leverage the newest features as they roll out without wasting any time 
    • Raise your profile so that you’re getting DMs with requests for collabs, speaking opportunities, and brand partnerships
    • Show up in your clients’ feed more often so that you have more opportunities to sell your products and services
    • Increase your engagement by sharing content that speaks to the problems your ideal clients want to solve
    • Reach more users with each Reel you post—and get more followers in the process
    • Feel confident in your own creativity and your ability to take advantage of trending audio while staying true to your brand

Ready to join The Social Department?

First Class

 I want it all!

Monthly live trainings to learn Instagram strategy and Q&A with Kar

Bonus 60 minute office hours with guest experts (YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, branding, copywriting, SEO and more!)

5 Instagram trending sounds every Monday

3 TikTok trending sounds every Monday



Access to the Airtable Audio Archive so you get the sounds and examples anytime 

Monthly video transition tutorial

An invite to my private FB group for community support & accountability 

…and more!


Cost per month: $55

Billed monthly, cancel anytime


Just the basics, please!

🥐 5 Instagram trending sounds each week

🥐 3 TikTok trending sounds each week

🥐 Access to the Airtable audio archive

Cost per month: $8

Billed monthly, cancel anytime

The Social Department was made with you in mind if…

  • You want to learn the ins and outs of Instagram — but you don’t have time for courses or hacks. You want results and you want to learn them from someone who has been in the industry for almost a decade. 
  • You know how to create Reels & TikToks…but you don’t always have a fresh supply of ideas. And jumping on every trend you see isn’t cutting it.
  • You spend more time thinking about how you should be creating content than actually doing it. Because coming up with ideas is more than half the battle.
  • You post regularly, but you want to up your game. There’s always something new to learn, and you want to be on the cutting edge.
  • Your time is finite, and you don’t want to have to come up with a plan from scratch every single week.

If you’re totally new, I recommend adding my Power of Reels course to your membership. You’ll learn the basics of filming, editing, and creating Reels, so that you can make the most out of your membership. The good news is that you’ll get monthly office hours with me along with suggestions for your content, so you’ll never feel stuck as you get started with Reels.

When you join The Social Department, you’ll have the opportunity to also buy The Power of Reels for a special price.

The Social Department is billed each month. You can cancel anytime, and you’ll still have access until the billing cycle expires.

In Premium, you get 8 trending audios for IG & TikTok, delivered straight to your inbox every Monday morning. You also get access to the Airtable Audio archive.

In First Class, you get all of that PLUS monthly live instruction with me and talks from guest experts that I’ll invite to share their marketing wisdom with you.

While we don’t meet 1:1, if you join First Class, you’ll have the option to submit questions each month for my live Q&A calls. Can’t make a call? No need to worry–they’re recorded and archived, so you can watch later.

Plus, during our monthly hot seat session, members have the opportunity to have me review their content or audit their account live.

Of course, if you want to talk through your IG marketing questions in-depth, you can always book a 60-minute call with me.

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.

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