First Class Launch

Your first-class ticket to a successful launch—minus the stress

Let Your Sales Soar

You’ve worked hard to develop a loyal Instagram following. But translating that into sales for your next launch can be overwhelming.

You need a content calendar that meets your followers where they are and guides them to where they need to be in order to buy. And that means creating content in all the forms Instagram has to offer (Reels, Stories, Lives and Carousels).

Plan Your Next Launch is designed for course creators, coaches, service providers, and e-commerce brands who want bespoke advice on how to use Instagram to make their next launch a success.

The Itinerary:

We’ll work together over the course of three sessions to build out a content calendar. Here’s how it happens:

Background (1 hour):

We’ll talk through your offer, your audience, and your vision for your upcoming launch. I’ll ask you tons of questions that you may not have thought about to ensure a seamless take off. I’ll also use this time to get a sense of your strengths when it comes to content creation.

Content Calendar (1.5 hours):

In this session, we’ll create a content calendar that includes every single piece of content you need. We start with pre-launch content to make your audience more aware of your offer. Then we’ll develop a content strategy for the “cart open” period to convert them into buyers. I’ll also teach you which content type to use when.

I’ll also audit your sales page and give tips on how you can optimize it to increase sales. I’ll walk you through two options for effective sales pages that convert. You also have the opportunity to show me your campaign emails and I’ll provide key edits to ensure you’re clear for takeoff.

Content Review + Q&A (1 hour):

We’ll take a look at the content you’ve created and make sure that it’s authentic to your brand—while also moving the needle on the sales front.

We’ll hold these sessions over 10 days, and during that time you’ll get unlimited support from me via Slack. You’ll also get access to my personal content calendar template to organize everything.

At the end of our three sessions together, you’ll have a done-for-you content plan—all that’s left is for you to create the content itself based on our conversations.


Need help with your next launch?

This is for you if…

You’re ready to sell your offer on Instagram but want to ensure that you launch to an audience that knows who you are and what you do, so they’re primed to buy from you.

You want to understand how the different types of content on IG can be used as part of a cohesive strategy.

You don’t have the time to develop your own social strategy ahead of your launch.

You want to feel confident that your sales page is fully optimized for conversions.

You know how to use Canva or a similar design tool—or you have someone to outsource it to—so that your content is on-brand and eye-catching.

Plan My Next Launch

Let’s develop a bespoke launch plan that ensures you’re posting what your ideal customers need to hear, when they need to hear it, so that they’re ready to come on a journey with you.
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