Last Chance for CTRL + Refresh Workshop

If you’re totally satisfied with the ROI that you got on Instagram in 2023 you can delete this email.
But if you found that all the money, energy and time that you put into it wasn’t what you expected (not even close) you should stay with me.
This year more than ever we’re going to be seeing that following doesn’t matter.

Brands are going to be looking to work with creators with impact who can convert.

There’s a reason you keep seeing predictions for 2024 all mentioning how important authenticity will be.

They’re not wrong.

But what does it mean?

I’ve been blessed to have grown a multiple six figure businesses and be approached by companies like Meta to create content for them.

I’ve done this all through organic social media (TT and IG) by creating a community.

No ads, no shoutouts. 
And it may surprise you to know that I have less than 3,000 followers on TikTok yet last year I made over $12,000 in sponsored posts just there.
Tomorrow (Thursday) I’m going live in my workshop for 2 hours to teach you what’s working on the ground now so you can enter 2024 with the best start.
And there’s going to be plenty of time for Q&A. I’ve cleared up my schedule to make sure I can get to most, if not all of your questions.
I’m realllllllly excited to show you how to use Instagram as your main lead generator. 
In 2 hours (which I promise will FLY by) I’ll break down everything you need to do right now to get you more views, more sales and more success with your digital products and offerings. 
The CTRL+ Refresh 2024 Instagram Strategy Workshop is this Thursday at 9am CST/10AM EST for just $47. You’ll get a full recap and replay too!
You can upgrade your Instagram strategy in just 2 hours, not 2 months.
Get your ticket for just $49 AND get my 2024 Content Calendar template gratis ($49 value).